How we help you

What we treat

We assess and manage a wide range of injuries and conditions for both adults and children. This includes most kinds of hand or arm problems, as well as injuries caused at work, sports or home.

Some examples are:

  • broken bones (also known as fractures)
  • dislocations: where your bone or joint has had to be put back in place
  • crush injuries, cuts and amputations. Finger-tips often get these injuries
  • strains and sprains such as wrist sprain, skier’s thumb and tennis elbow
  • tendon and nerve injuries including those which have been repaired
  • arthritis: degenerative (osteoarthritis), often in the thumb, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • nerve compressions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • after an operation on your arm
  • over-use problems, also known as RSI (repetitive strain injury) or OOS (occupational overuse syndrome)
  • painful hand and forearm conditions, sometimes called CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome)

How we do this

At our Sylvia Park clinic, appointments are usually 30 minutes. On your first visit we will fully assess your arm. This will involve us asking you questions, looking at your arm and checking what may be the problem. We are happy to answer any of your questions and we will advise and explain how we can help you get the best outcome.

Your treatment can include:

  • explaining your injury or condition
  • treating your wound and scar
  • making you a custom-made splint or fitting a brace
  • planning an individual exercise program for you
  • using the latest software to help you manage your rehab
  • discussing preventative management
  • providing ergonomic advice
  • sending you for an x-ray or ultrasound
  • referring you to a hand surgeon

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Further information for patients

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